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Mini-Review: Brando Travel Charger


While Asus has announced an extra EeePC power adapter as a part of its line of Eee accessories, ordering one in Kingston was difficult and expensive.  I was quoted $99 which, for a $400 PC, seems a bit steep.

fortunately, Hong Kong-based Brando has released a few low-cost accessories for the EeePC.

The charger, pictured above, costs a mere $23 plus $2 shipping ad comes with comes with world-wide adapters.  As someone who has traveled overseas a bit, this is a very nice bonus.

The charger arrived straight from Hong Kong about a week after I ordered it.  Overall, it feels a bit lower quality than the one from Asus, but it's available now and is more useful for travelers.

The cord isn't nearly as long as the one that ships with the EeePC, and the wall wart portion of the charger is wider than the Eee's stock charger, but it's still quite small, light and works well.

Overall, I recommend this charger.  It's about half the recommended price of Asus' official charger (and $75 less than what I was quoted), it's available now, shipping was fast, and it will work pretty much anywhere in the world.