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Great Maemo Apps

  • Kagu - Media Player
  • Canola - Promising media player.  Currently in Beta, but has huge potential.
  • GPE Suite - The most feature-complete PIM at the moment.  Even syncs with Evolution
  • Pidgin - Multi-protocol instant messenger.  (Was GAIM)
  • Media Streamer - UPnP client from Nokia.  Works well with Twonky Server
  • AbiWord - Full word processor.  (For ITOS2006, a bit unstable)
  • Yellownotes - Post-it notes for your splash screen
  • Claws - A better mail program, though the UI could use some optimization
  • Gnumeric - The full spreadsheet app.  Works great!
  • Winzig (if I could figure out how to disable going out to the Net and could make a few UI changes)