I have received some feedback on this article.  Here it is:

David Owens Writes:

Hi Ben/Mr./Professor Hall,
I recently picked up a Y5 from Best Buy without really knowing what I
was buying.  I vaguely recalled that Laptop Magazine was fond of them,
and liked the price, if not the overall specifications.  I got it for
$900, with Vista Business, which seems to run quite well, even on the
most economical battery setting.  Explorer runs out of steam after
about twenty tabs, but I am experimenting with Chrome.
In any event, I enjoyed reading your review, but am curious about your
addition of RAM.  It is my understanding that the Y5 tops out at 1.5
gig.  Are you absolutely certain that your machine is capable of
utilizing all of the ram installed?  One other thing, as I am not a
techie.  I have a 22inch LG monitor, purchased after the screen
failure of my abysmal Compaq Presario.  Can I/would you recommend
purchase of a graphics card that can be inserted in the card slot?  I
don't want to tamper with the insides of the machine beyond much
needed RAM.
Thank you for your time.  I apologize if I am intruding, or not
following protocol by asking permission to ask a question before
asking it.
RGRDS..............David Ovens

My Reply:

Hello David,

I welcome questions.  It's good to know that people find my site useful from time to time.

$900 for the Y5 was quite a deal.  Well done.

Yes, my Y5 has 2x1GB MicroDIM RAM chips installed.  If yours has 1.5GB this means that it has a 1GB and a 512MB installed.  Here's the part number I ordered:

I ordered it through a local computer store, Kingston Computer Planet.  As I mentioned in my review, it ran me $45.  I don't remember installing the RAM to be particularly difficult, but I do this often.

As for the monitor, my wife has the Y5 now.  It's plugged in to her 22" Acer LCD monitor.  The on-board video card handles it without issue.  You should be fine with the LG.

Enjoy the new machine.