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Clie Miscellany

The Clie TG50 is a bit of a transition device. It runs PalmOS 5.0 but doesn't support the newer audio standard found in PalmOS 5.2+. It has a keyboard but doesn't follow the conventions used by later thumb keyboard Palms like the Tungsten C. It has a MediaQ dedicated graphics processor, which makes it particularly well suited for multimedia. Here are some work arounds and otherwise essential apps that I use wit this Clie.

  • Modern-Clie-Audio - brings PalmOS 5.2-level audio support to the TG50. (this lets TCPMP and AeroPlayer work properly)
  • OKey - an extension for selecting a control of a form by CLIE Keyboard, Jog, Palm 5 way navigation key and [OK] or [Cancel] button by keyboard.
  • TreoKeyHack - enables a few BlackBerry-like features. Haven't tested this yet.
  • I've mirrored these and other files here.
  • For apps, I've been using KsDateBook and FastAddress as a replacement to Agendus Pro. I did so on the Tungsten W because Agendus was too slow on the DragonBall processor. I've continued using them on the TG50 because they are much smaller, faster and far more stable than Agendus. I do miss a few of Agendus' features, though
  • I have a good list of Palm software here.
  • Order the Clie MS wifi stick from Amazon here.
  • Decent deal on a 2GB MS Pro here.