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A simple web-based text editor using only PHP4

It occured to me that the world doesn't have enough text editors. ;-) Seriously, though,The Linuxgruven Webeditor is a fairly simple text editor/file manager that I useto quickly edit my web files online. It doesn't require anything other than PHP4.I looked at what else was out there, and found that this was a better match for what I needed,I hope you will find it useful too.

It is based on the example editor found in chapter 10 of "Beginning PHP4" from Wrox.The original code is available online here.

I have changed it around to use iframes instead of proper frames. I've also edited out some of the featuresthat I don't want or need. Finally, I've included a stylesheet similar to the one for this site. The result is a much more polished and slightly leaner editor. As I spend more time using the editor, I find that it resembles the original less and less. Their version was a nice base.

WARNING: Please be sure to put this script somewhere password protected! Otherwise, strangers might edit your pages. I make no promises, you have been warned.