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Great OSX Apps '05

After I had used my iBook for a few months, I wrote my original article pointing out some lesser-known but great Mac software. I've noticed that what I've used has changed since then and thought that I should make a new article for 2005.

What's in my Dock

  • QuickSilver - Hard to describe. QuickSilver is Spotlight done right. Try it, you'll love it. (OSS)
  • NetNewsWireLite - A free RSS reader
  • Camino - A Gecko-based browser that was the inspiration for Firefox. Camino offers the best browsing experience on the Mac.
  • Thunderbird - Mozilla's top-flight mail client
  • iTerm - The best terminal for Mac OSX
  • iTunes - Apple's famous music player/manager
  • iCal and Sunbird - .ics Calendar applications
  • Smultron - An excellent, OSSmulti-file text editor
  • iPhoto - Apple's photo management software
  • CyberDuck - SFTP/FTP client

Fun to play

Network Applications


  • Gimp.app - The best port of The Gimp for OSX. Requires X11
  • HandBrake - Easy to use video transcoder (originally written for BeOS!)
  • Audacity - A great cross-platform multi-track sound editor
  • VLC - Videolan Client is the best audio/video player for any platform


  • OmniGraffle - A fantastic image... tool. I use it for everything from network diagrams to CD covers. It's absolutely awesome.
  • NeoOffice - THE version of OpenOffice for the Mac. No X11 required.
  • AbiWord - A simple, light, cross-platform word processor
  • nVu - A WYSIWYG HTML editor. (It originally began life as Mozilla's composer.)
  • iBiz & iBank - Nice little Mac native small business and banking programs.