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A New Toy... and the power of Open Source


Just yesterday I received a Nokia 770 in the mail.  I bought it at TigerDirect for $150CDN.  I have to say, I'm totally impressed.  This thing is very small, extremely solidly built and does everything advertised with a minimal amount of fuss.  I'll review it shortly and I'm sure I'll write about it more here but man-oh-man is it cool.  It really shows the power and flexibility of Linux and Open Source in general.  Nokia included a fairly small list of well-defined applications, and SDK, source code and good documentation, and in a little over a year and a half the OSS community has responded with ports of almost everything you'd need (including a PIM application, word processor and spreadsheet) and things are just starting to pick up steam.  Is it ever amazing.  Given the lukewarm reviews of the 770 and the glowing reviews of the N800, the N800 must be quite something.  I'm tickled with the first-gen model.