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More EeePC Stuff


A neighbour of mine picked up and EeePC after asking me what I thought about it.  So far he's had some good questions, no complaints, and quite likes it.  He's not terribly techish and, while he's heard of Linux, this is his first brush with it.  Woohoo!

Still on the EeePC, Asus has made good it's GPL commitments and has released all GPLd source code.  People got their knickers in a knot when a few modules weren't available in the original 1.8GB source code dump.  As I suspected, this appears to have been an oversight on Asus' part.  The good news is that now everything can be merged into the respective projects, so we can expect the EeePC to be fully supported by all distributions in fairly short order.

One final bit of EeePC good news is that Asus has also admitted that the "Warrantee void if removed" sticker they placed over the screw hole to the RAM slot was bogus and possibly illegal in the US.  They've issued a press release confirming that we can all upgrade our RAM if so desired.