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Tips for Mozilla Apps

Here are a few quick tips for mozilla apps:

  1. Ubuntu still doesn't include SeaMonkey. You're either stuck with installing th old mozilla-suite or with downloading and installing seamonkey yourself. If you want to do this, the fastest way to install is to download the tar.gz version on Seamonkey's release page. Next, open a terminal to where you downloaded the file and type: sudo tar -C /opt -xzf seamonkey-1.1.1.en-US.linux-i686.tar.gz
  2. If you like Seamonkey's features but not the look, install seagnome. This makes it look more like Firefox. A nice improvement.
  3. You still need to install the Thunderbird New Mail Icon extension yourself. I think it's part of Thunderbird 2.0.
  4. If you don't like Firefox's new tab handling you can be a Luddite like me. There's more "retro" stuff here.
  5. You might want to install firefox-themes-ubuntu. It has styles that integrate very well.
  6. In Firefox, I also like to install FireFTP and Ad-Block Plus. Oh, and the Queen's phone number lookup too, though I guess that may have a limited appeal. ;-)
  7. Get ready for IceWeasel, IceDove and IceApe in future releases! While IceApe is no worse a name than SeaMonkey, I wish this was a joke.