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Using Linux for Music


Slashdot recently posted to a very interesting article from Keyboard Magazine about Linux's suitability as a music production platform.

The article is quite good and doesn't sugar coat things too much. This is an area that I've been investigating a bit lately. I have what I consider to be very simple needs. I record a bass through a mic through a Linux-compatible Edirol USB Audio Interface.

While this works perfectly with Audacity on my PowerBook, getting Ubuntu's Audacity to do the right thing and recognize the sound card properly has been quite a challenge.

The OS sees the sound card, I can even pick it as an input and output device in Gnome's audio settings. However, I think this must only affect Gnome audio programs, as Audacity, VLC and Beep-Media-Player still don't use the right card.

Very frustrating.

Anyway, I've filed a bug with Ubuntu. Who knows, maybe it'll be Mac-easy in Feisty+1. Here's hoping. Otherwise, my next machine will likely be another Mac.