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Our Vows


I love you now more than when we first met. As each day passes our relationship finds new depths and my feelings for you grow stronger.

You are my conscience, my strength, my confidence. You give me the courage to pursue my life's ambitions, supporting me when needed, advising me when required, surprising me daily. I love you and I want to spend my life with you.

You're the only one to whom I can say that with you, I'm not scared of growing old. Because it's you; simply for that reason. And I admit that I'm not at all tempted to stay alone in such a crazy world.

Because it's you, I could face anything. I could even forgive you just because it's you.


I had some trouble writing vows that fully express my feelings for you. I started by considering what I love about you, but I realized that I love almost everything about you. I know that you're not perfect, and I know I'm not either, but I can accept your flaws because they're a part of you. I'm honoured that you want to be my husband and spend the rest of your life with me and my idiosyncrasies. I want to be your wife and do the same for you.

You do not need to wear a thing at all
For me to like you and you may talk
Or not talk, I like you either way.
Nothing makes me feel so nearly home on Earth
as to just be with you and say nothing.