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April 22, 2005

We got the keys to our house last night! We don't officially own it for another week, but we'll be able to go over, clean and plan out what we're going to do when it's all official. We are both very excited. More photos to come, I promise. Thank you so much Glen, Gail and Keith. We really appreciate the extra time and all of your kindness throughout.

Hmm.. as for site news, I'm not sure if I've mentioned it yet, but the webserver has moved to Queen's University. They are graciously hosting it for me. It's a pretty good deal, really, as our approach on this server is radically different than how we do things at work. With the server here, it makes sure that I'm sharp with more than one technology. Thank you Queen's!

I took the opportunity to also move my site to CMSimple. I have to say, it's a dream to work with. Much nicer to administer than my old site. In fact, I like CMSimple so much that I'm already working on deploying it at work. I've got a test server up now, and will switch to it on the main server for September. For those interested, I've written a small review of my experiences with CMSimple thus far.