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June 30, 2005

Wow, the days are zipping by. It just occurred to me that it's been almost two months since my last post here. Here goes:

On the house front, Sarah and I have been quite busy. We bought a new barbecue that we've used already to host a CISC pot-luck and a DES research celebration for Sarah's lab mate, Ying. We've also bought a new fridge, a kitchen island and more. Dave Dove once again saved the day when he helped us make the fridge hole big enough for the new fridge. Thank you, Dave. I've also learned about peel and stick tile. Good stuff. Bathroom down, kitchen to go. (Maybe this weekend.)

The garden has been fun, I now know about trimming hedges and bushes. I've also planted a few plants and flowers. Sarah's been far busier in the garden. We're learning as we go, it's all quite interesting.

Sarah's putting in a big final push to finish her Master's thesis. She's finished the body and is working on the corrections and bibliography. Hooray! She starts her PhD in September, so we'll get a bit of a break.

I've finally gotten around to starting bass lessons. I've wanted to play bass for years now. Just today I purchased a four-string frettless bass. It will be my stepping stone to an Ergo bass on a stick and possibly a full double-bass if all goes well. It's slow going, but I have a great teacher: Zak Colbert, one of the best musicians in town. I've been doing lessons for about a month now, he's been very patient with me.

Work is going well. The School is switching into full research gear now. Always a pleasure. I'm busy planning and carrying out a few changes for the upcoming year. We'll be replacing the main Windows server as well as adding a new Linux backup server. We'll also be adding some very cool software to the labs. The new Linux image will be based on Ubuntu 5.04, I'm creating a LiveCD to go with it, and the Linux servers and Zeus will be running NX servers, allowing very efficient access from home.

My Sister, Chris Hall, is getting married on July 9th. We're all very excited for her. It'll be a cool wedding for sure. Mostly friends, very casual and very small. Gal and Jamie are perfect together, it's great that they're getting married. As for the wedding itself, I can't wait and I'll certainly be adding pictures to the site after whether they like it or not. ;-)

If there are any regular visitors to the site, you may have noticed that I've revamped the look of the site. Here's to CSS! I think I'm finally ready to dump tables for layout. Sorry for any IE'ers out there. The cool drop-shadows look a little off in IE6. Fear not, however, just download a Mozilla-based browser. Heck, even Opera handles it better. I'm now targeting Gecko (Mozilla) first, KHTML (Safari/Konqueror) second, Opera third and IE5/6 fourth. Hopefully MS will fix IE's CSS support for IE7. Anyway, everyone should be using Firefox by now.