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An easy way to burn ISO files (Perl TK, *nix, Win32 maybe OSX.)

BurnISO is a small CD-writing app I wrote. It uses Perl/Tk and is basically a GUI on top ofcdrecord. If you know how to use cdrecord than this app doesn't really give you anything new.However, if you're new to burning, it may be easier to use than a perhaps cryptic command line.

All it can really do is erase CDRw's and write .iso and .raw files. I may add the ability to backup a directory soon, but there are other more sophisticated CD writing programs that do thisalready..

One nice thing about BurnISO is that because it is written in Perl/Tk it can run on any platformthat has perl (abd a port of Tk.) This means that, without any modifications, it can be used inWindows, FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, and any other OS with ports of perl and cdrecord.

It is designed to make burning ISO files very staightforward. Where would you get ISO files?
ISO files are how most Linux/BSD distributions are shipped over the net. If you want to downlaod Linux, what you probably want is the ISO file, that you can then make in to a CD.

Click to Download BurnISO too.


The main screen

The burner setup dialog

The file selection dialog


BurnISO requires three things to run: Perl comes standard on almost all Unix variants, and cdrecord ships with most linux distributions.If you don't have the Perl/Tk module you can find it here: CPAN Tk Module If you plan to use BurnISO under Win32 please read the instructions below.

Linux Setup Instructions:

To run it in Linux, just make the file executable, and put it in your path (/usr/bin/) then call it by typing: BurnISO. Very easy! If you get permissions errors onthe command line, please run BurnISO as root. If you're looking for general information on cd writing in Linux, check outthis HOWTO. it's really quite excellent, and goes in to a nice amount of detail. If you have an IDE burner and your distribution didn't automaticallyset it up for you as a SCSI device, either read my (dated) documentation above, or the HOWTO listed in this section. It's not so bad to setup, and rarely requires a kernel recompile theses days. Don't worry..

Win32 Setup Instructions:

To get BurnISO running on windows, first download Perl from Active Systems and then use PPM toinstall the Tk module:
c:\ > ppmppm> install Tkppm> quit
You'll also need cdrecord to be in the path, you can simply expand the files in this archive into c:\windows. One more note: if you're using an IDE burner, cdrecord will require the ASPI layer files from Adaptec.You can download these from Adaptec, or get them by installing another app that makes use of them (such as CDex.)Finally, in Windows, if you rename the program BurnISO.pl then the Perl interpreter will know to execute it just by double-clicking on it. This isn't required, but otherwise you'll need to open a command prompt and type:perl BurnISO.

Of course, if you get stuck, feel free to mail me.