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Cocoa MP3 Player

When I started using OSX I didn't like iTunes much. As I wanted to learn a bit aboutObjective C anyway, I took it upon myself to work on yet another MP3 player. This oneis basically a wrapper around mpg123 and started out as a tutorial from Apple.

I've added such groundbreaking features as:

  • Skip next and skip back
  • A rather poor random
  • Very basic drag and drop playlist support
Here's what it looks like:
MP3 Player screenshot

To be honest, there are much better OSX MP3 players out there and some of them are even free. This little project did accomplish it's goals. I now know a bit about Objective C and Apple's development environment.

I've since gotten used to iTunes and now keep hoping that something as good as it is written for Linux. However, the source may be of some use to someone, so here it is.