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Everyone that knows me knows that I like Linux. This is due primarily to my belief that the Open Source development model is the best, most efficient model available in the long run. While I take issue with some of the writings and speeches from the likes of Eric Raymond and Richard Stallman, for the most part I think they're right.

Below are some essays and pages that I have written, as well as links to articles that I think help to capture the essence of the Open Source development method.

To start things off, here's a link to the first question I ever posted about Linux. Things have changed a lot since then.

Update 2002.05.06

An open letter by a Peruvian congressman to Microsoft has been garnering a lot of public interest in the last day or two. The letter comes as a response from a letter by Microsoft which aims to derail the congressman's proposed bill mandating government use of free software. As usual, Microsoft warned of the dangers of Open Source software, suggesting that it's use is somehow anti- competitive and would threaten Peru's economy. Congressman Villanueva meticulously replies to each point raised by Microsoft. The result is one of the best arguments for Open Source software that I have ever read. Links to the Microsoft letter and Dr. Villanueva's reply can be found here.

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