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Great Palm Apps '06

I've owned Palms for years. My latest, a Tungsten C , is by far my favourite. In any event, here is a list of indispensable, and often Open Source, PalmOS applications.

  • CryptoPad - MemoPad replacement that can encrypt individual memos (Open Source)
  • TCPMP - A very versatile music and movie player. It can also open most image types (Open Source)
  • DiddleBug - A drawing program that can save images as PNG files (Open Source)
  • OperaMini - The new cell phone browser from Opera. Requires IBM's JVM (Free, requires $5 JVM)
  • Card Export - Card Export makes your SD card a USB mass storage device ($15)
  • GrxView - Image viewer that can open just about any image type. Bundled with Card Export ($15)
  • Agendus Pro - The best organizer I've used. It crashes occasionally but is worth it ($40)
  • Resco Explorer - An outstanding file manager that, among other things, opens zip files ($15)
  • EzFTP - A decent FTP client (Free)
  • SmbMate - A great Samba program. (Used to access Windows shares.) (Free)
  • TuSSH - A nice little SSH client (Open Source)
  • WordSmith - An old one but a good one. My original Palm word processor/memopad replacement ($20, memopad portion is free)
  • AeroPlayer - A nice MP3 player. Not as versatile as TCPMP but easier to use ($15)


  • GTS Racing
  • Flames Demo
  • SAIS
  • Nexus
  • Warfare Inc.
  • SFCave or ASCave
  • Hexagon
  • Sol Free
  • Space Combat